Friday, October 23, 2015

Can Halloween be scary for my little one?

Does this question pop up in your mind, now and then? And, you might think how to get your scaredy cat through the candy haul.

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal for younger kids to be scared of Halloween. Anything can frighten them- Jack-O’-lantern, scarecrow or goblin costume. And, by 6 or 7 years of age they might learn to cope up with these things. However, that’s a long way to go. Also, it’s quite possible, if you ignore this today, later these haunted images might continue to lurk in their minds and bother them.

Be mindful that something not seemingly scary might be fearful for the kid. Like, a parent wearing a ghost dress or a witch mask. Always show your kid that this is his parent trying to trick on him and nothing real. Try to unmask the neighbor or any guest at your house with spooky masks. And, tell your child these are the things created only by people for fun and do not exist in reality.

Don’t hesitate to attend Halloween parties with your kids if possible. Even though it’s once but expose them to this environment. Perhaps, they might understand it is all fake and for fun by simply seeing things around.

Celebrate the fun and not the fear. You can narrate halloween tales to your kid which has just the right amount of fright. By this I mean, less spooky and enjoyable to read. A ‘White Dog Story’ might be enjoyable for kids to listen. It has the white dog, an adventurous boy, a ghost, and a little danger. Or, simply pick up a child-friendly song from Charlotte Diamond’s (Canadian children’s singer) collection such as ‘Looking for Dracula but I’m not afraid’. Here’s another interesting story ‘Haunted’ about the ghosts who love to party with a happy ending by Harris Tobias. Such kind of light-hearted and less scary stories can help your child to overcome the fear naturally.

Lastly, I can say be patient! With patience, your support, and understanding, the little one might understand halloween is- a spooky bit of fun.

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